The Extraordinary Benefits of Krill Oil

Krill oil is a type of oil derived from Euphausia superba, specific species of Krill. Krill are crustaceans that resemble shrimps in shape, and are between 1 and 6 centimeters in length. These small marine species live on phytoplankton and lie at the bottom of the food chain. Krill oil is found naturally in these species and is quickly gaining immense popularity in the health and wellness community all over the world as a nutritional supplement. Till very recently, wellness industry experts recommended fish oils as the biggest source of highly beneficial omega 3 fatty acids. However, at present, is believed that Krill oil offers much more health benefits compared to fish oils. In addition to omega 3 fatty acids, Krill oil is also an excellent source of Astaxanthin, an antioxidant with great nutritional value. Omega 3 fatty acids conjugated with phosphatidylcholine are also found in abundance, in Krill oil.

The mode of basic function is similar for Krill oil and fish oil. However, Krill oil holds a definite edge in the worldwide debate concerning Krill oil v/s fish oil. This is because the pattern of packaging of omega 3 fatty acids in Krill oil is different from that found in fish oils. In Krill oil, they are found as phospholipids that can be very easily absorbed by the human body. Another unique selling proposition for Krill oil is that it also contains choline, an antioxidant and essential nutrient. Recent studies have revealed that the absorption rate of omega 3 fatty acids in 60% higher in Krill oil, comparing to fish oils. As a result, much less number of supplement capsules can achieve the same health benefits. For example, people suffering from arthritis are required to consume between 9 and 14 fish oil capsules per day. The same effect can be produced by only one Krill oil capsule. A study conducted by McGill University suggests that a daily dose between 1 and 3 grams of Krill oil is much more effective than fish oils as a cure for hyperlipidemia.

The health benefits of antioxidants are now known to all. They protect our body from the adverse impacts of free radicals that are considered to be responsible for causing several chronic diseases. Astaxanthin is particularly powerful antioxidant and has certain health benefits that are absent in many other antioxidants. It protects our central nervous system, brain, and eye from free radicals by crossing the blood brain barrier. Talking about Krill oil benefits, it must be mentioned that the Astaxanthin concentration is much higher in it than fish oils. Fish oil is known to have a disagreeable aftertaste that is not found in Krill oil and is found in Prograde Nutrition krill oil.

Amongst many benefits of Krill oil, its efficiency in treating high cholesterol is probably the most important one. In a Krill oil v/s fish oil clinical study, it was found that Krill oil was able to reduce LDL by almost 34%, comparing to only 4% by fish oil. Triglyceride was also lowered considerably by Krill. It has also been found that Krill oil can be helpful in reducing premenstrual syndrome symptoms. According to the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, it is also an effective cure for the symptoms of inflammation and arthritis. Other important Krill oil benefits include improved immune system, mood support, and prevention of premature aging.

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